School Accounting Managemnet

Our Account Management Software is a part of school ERP Solution. It contains comprises 5 different modules, 40 functions, & more than 300 controls that cover each and every sector of school/college or other educational institute libray and the things very relevant for organisation. We can also customize the data or modules if educational institutes needed. This ERP has been developed by the best member of XIS Technology. This School ERP has been designed keeping in view the all the requirements of any Educational Institute. This ERP Solution keep the appropriate data segment of educational institute. After lots of case study about Educational institute, we decide to develop a software type of solution which make the data 100% pure, efficient, bugs free, error free and time saving.

Account Management System refers to a category of software that deals with the organisational value of income & expence.

Title Features Availability
Income Record, summary, and value of incoming amount in organisation. Yes
Expence Record, summary, and value of outgoing amount in organisation. Yes
Balance Sheet yearly, monthly & daily mainteinance of total & net income or expense. Yes
Inventory Management All item type entry, records, summary etc Yes

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Note:*- XIS provides 6 month free of cost online,offline & technical support to clients for this complete package of School Management Software .
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