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Hope that you will find our Products & Services exotic which can support your esteemed organization to achieve goals. XIS is a professionally managed company focusing on providing multiple types of IT Products & Services. Established in 2010, we are India based company. We are a pioneering and a dominant technical enterprise with an excellent edge in the mobile software development.

Android +25000 downloads
iOS +20000 downloads
Windows +5000 downloads
Satisfied Clients +100 Clients

A Smart Solution

Delivering end-to-end mobile application development, testing, and deployment services for different business verticals.

Our Solutions

Education ERP

XIS Technology is currently working on the ERP Solutions for Educational Institutes.By Using this software you can automate your School or College or others educational institutes. This service can be delivered in two ways:- I. Reduced costs and increased revenue : Outsourcing back office work to us will reduce your operating expenses to a tune of 50-70%, ultimately increasing your revenue by minimizing the overall investment. II.Focus on your core business : At XIS Technology understand that your profits come out of your product sales. If you have a software product, we can make it work better and more efficiently and if you have are into any other business or industry; we can reduce your total investment on data entry, chat support and form processing by utilizing our skilled customer care specialists, proficient in handling both technical and non-technical queries.

ERP Features:-
I. Application Development and Maintenance.
II. Migration / Porting.
III. Testing / QA.
IV. Monitoring & Security.
V. Backup Application. etc...

Mobile App Development

IOS & Android APP Development The unique features that accompany the apple corporation iphone apps are globally prominent and legendary. Our IOS development and android apps development are ever pushing the creative technology benchmarks. They are made to redefine cutting edge solutions with unmatched reliability, quick responsiveness and making the industry buzz. We embark on creating user friendly and relevant apps that find instant reso nance and compatibility with customer needs. As the apps change and their uses shift, we innovate and ensure to stay ahead of the times with precise client demands. Android app development is significant in this scheme of faster and improved app service and software.

Web Development

XIS Technology is experienced in web design and development and has planned, created and launched successful websites since its birth, for many verticals around the globe. With our team's combined experience as web architects, web application development specialists and consultants working for international clients, you can be confident that our web developers will deliver your project on time and on budget and in line with the latest technology available. At the same time, you can be assured that you are dealing with a professional offshore web development company. We can develop and deliver, interactive, creative and affordable custom web design solutions utilizing the full range of Microsoft .NET, Java and open source functionalities for both small businesses and corporates. We have kept our niche in providing innovative and high quality custom websites and web applications only keeping in mind your corporate branding. We guarantee that you will find our applications user-friendly, unique, professional, and feature-rich and appealing towards your targeted customers and it would help you to get to your business goal much faster.

Chat Services : Elevate the conversation

Other live chat providers force you into a cookie cutter experience. You can do this but not that, and if you want to do this other thing, it requires a very expensive handholding agreement. That’s not how we roll. We let you be you. We give you everything you need to create an experience that is uniquely your brand.

Mobility Solutions

Our solutions are designed around client's specific requirements to enable smooth and effective management of various business activities conceived through proven development practices, expert resources and latest technologies. Xicom offers highly robust, functional and cost effective enterprise applications to simplify various business processes and provide maximum return on investments to the clients. The enterprises are always looking for solutions to enhance their performance and profitability, whether it is through marketing activities or by utilizing the latest IT solutions. One of the proven strategies for maximizing profits is applying better management techniques through well constructed management tools and softwares that allow the employees to manage their daily as well as critical activities in an easy and organized fashion. Our enterprise application services are designed to help clients with their content management, workflow enhancement, document management, business intelligence and mobility requirements. Initially the business requirements and needs are evaluated and then a highly flexible solution is developed around these requirements using custom programming and latest technologies.

The App Features

We have developed expertise in developing wide range of mobile and tablet applications

iOS / Android Development

iPhones are a very hot commodity in the mobile market today. A very large portion of smartphone users is dedicated to iPhone and iPad devices

Android is an open source mobile application platform offering high levels of flexibility and opportunities for both developers and users.

On Time Delivery

We offer on time deliverable mobile and tablet application services and our team of developers, graphic designers and usability experts makes sure that your app incorporates all latest features suited for the particular app genre.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

As the mobile market grows, so does the fragmentation of mobile users across mobile operating systems. Developing an app for only one OS will cut off a huge user base, so modern devs need to have a cross-platform plan when they begin coding. Luckily, there are many cross-platform development engines popping up across the internet which are designed to assist mobile app developers with porting their apps across the major operating systems.


Functional, bug-free code is only one half of the equation for a successful app. All of the most popular apps have unique and well-designed UI/UX, but a majority of them have access to professional, skilled UI/UX designers to help them along.







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